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Newsletter Topics

Newsletter Topics

Newsletters sent to your existing customers,  are effective business tools to help grow your MLM business. It’s takes less effort to increase your sales with your current customers than to find a new customer.

And as your customer base grows larger and larger you will want a tool to help keep your customers engaged.  Newsletters will help you stay in contact with your customers and keep your relationship alive.

Send out a newsletter on a consistent schedule, like every 2-3 weeks.  Share one topic, a piece of valuable content for your customers, directly related to your MLM business.  Keep the newsletter short and focus.  Add a photo image and clickable links to your websites where they can buy products from.  Add your signature including all contact information to reach and follow you.

When showcasing products, use basic, easy to understand words with no scientific jargon. Give your experience as a user.  Use words that will stimulate positive emotion by the reader. Use the newsletter to introduce your customers to products that they would not necessary know about had you not brought them to their attention through a newsletter.

Be aware not every customer will open your newsletter. But from those who open my newsletter, I have seen an increase in sales as they branch out and order different products for the first time.

I realize not every company has hundreds of products to showcase, so mix up your newsletters with different topics.  Make a schedule for the year.

Here’s my list of topics you can include in a newsletter.  Lets WOW your customers, keep them engaged, buying and watch your MLM business grow!

Grow Your MLM Business

Grow Your MLM Business

20 Newsletter Topics:

-Exclusive Offers, Specials, Flash Deals

-Product Showcase

-Product Reviews

-Digital Catalog (Add the Link)

-Before + After Photos

-Testimonials by Users (Written or Video)

-Your Personal Story (Written or Video)

-Welcome to New Customers


-Thank You

-Temporary Out of Stock Items With Work Arounds

-Company Contests

-Your Contests

-How to Change Their Auto Ship Date

-How to Reach Customer Service

-How to Reach a Product Specialist

-How to Create an Ad Hoc Order

-Product Video Demonstrations

-Company’s Scheduled Press (TV, Radio, Print)

-Special Occasions/Holiday Product Packages Suggestions

Curious, what’s your experience with sending out newsletters to your existing customers?  Please comment below.


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