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Hi……You must be a Network Marketer looking for prospects (Leads) that will either buy your product or join you in business……


The Top 20 Sources For LEADS NOW!   link is below.
Choose 3 that you can incorporate into your monthly calendar. Keep a score card of how your doing.  If you’re getting results over several months, stay with it….if poor results try another until you find the source for LEADS that works for you.
Consistency will pay off!!! 

Click the Highlighted Link To Get Your Copy Now & Start Implementing Today (Right Click & Save As)

20 Sources To Get More Leads

Please share with others on your team….lets everyone GROW!


Dallas Piana

Contact Me at:  dpiana@comcast.net

P.S.  I am here to help…as someone helped me.  I’ll periodically send you information on strategies that will help you make your network business a success.


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