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Hi……. My name is Dallas Piana. I’m a boomer and a former nurse who discovered a creative and financially rewarding path in the Internet Marketing and Network Marketing Industry.

I equip entrepreneurs with modern day marketing strategies so that you can reach your goals of having a profitable and sustainable long-term business that you love.  Is that you?

If I had access to marketing on the internet 20 years ago, I would have freed myself from the traditional path that most nurses take over the course of our professional career; staff nurse, clinician, administration.

I just didn’t know how to market my knowledge and information beyond the walls of the hospital environment. I felt trapped and so did many of my nursing friends and colleagues.

So for years and years I continued to work in a crisis environment, constantly putting out fires and on many days explosions: with little room for any real creativity.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the profession of nursing and despite my trapped feelings; I grew and developed from terrific mentors and teachers along the way.   But it just wasn’t enough to fulfill me.

I was exhausted, overworked, stretched, pulled, edgy, and with each passing year feeling less and less internal joy with the work I was doing.

I wanted out: but how?  I was stuck in mud.  And mud got thicker and thicker. I was unhappy.

And then a major event happened in my life.  I reunited with an old boyfriend which led me to resign my position, pack my bags and move clear across the United States.  All smack in the beginning of the recession.

So here I am, a boomer nurse, in a new city, with no local connections, no job opportunities and therefore no JOB. Now what?

As I searched for a job month after month to no avail, I began to inquire did I really want to go back to work in a hospital, clinic or some other bureaucratic environment?  Did I want to go back to the constant crisis, come home exhausted and not have time with my family?

Or was this an opportunity to break free, be creative and build my own business, work with who I wanted, when I wanted and where I wanted.  Serve in a capacity that filled my heart.

And so I began my new journey of building my own company.  For 3 years I used the traditional method of marketing within my community with little to no results.  And then I got smart.  I noticed a lot of top earning entrepreneurs using the internet to build their businesses.  So I started to do what they were doing and educated myself on internet marketing.

I invested a ton of time and money being trained by the very best.  I am forever grateful to these men and women who were and are the people who opened the path for me to follow.  Now I am in a position to help you if you are new to internet marketing and show you the effective methods to grow a fulfilling business using online strategies.

So if have the entrepreneurial bug and are struggling to grow your business locally and just don’t have an effective internet strategy or even know where to begin to grow your business using all the internet resources…….I can help you. 

Someone showed me the path and I’m now able to pass the baton to others.

But I will tell you now, using the internet to grow your business requires engagement, creating relationships, caring about and talking with people.  It moves at lightening speed when you are consistent with providing value to the marketplace.  If you are ready for that….connect with me.


and….Let’s GROW!


Dallas Piana


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  1. Ivette

    September 19, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    Hi Dallas
    Im also an RN..im what you call a late bloomer..had my family first then went to nursing school. I started my own home business in telecommunications but i have no marketing skills. Please advice…..thank you for the information… Ivette

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