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Plugins – For all you non-techy bloggers or bloggers to be, a plugin is an essential tool for increasing the functionality of your blog.

It’s like this. Your website is your house and plugins are your appliances. Every house has different makes of appliances depending on the owners taste and what they want the appliance to do for them.

You add plugins to do particular functions on your blog. There is a plugin for just about….. every function you can think of. Most plugins are free and you can search for them from your wordpress plugin search box.

Short List of What Plugins Can Add To Your Website:

– Social Media Icons

– Capture Pages

– Comment Boxes

– Page Opening Speed

– Spam Blockers

– Google Indexing

– Analytics

– Welcome Pages

– Contact Forms

– Exclusion Pages

There are hundreds of plugins to choose from. Here are some of my new favorites that no blog should be without.

SEOPressor Plugin

15,000,000+ people are already using this plugin. That tells you something! This is a mandatory plugin. Get it now at => SEO Pressor Plugin

This plugin program helps you with your search engine optimization. It will help you identify what changes need to be made on your blog post to elevate your website standing among all the other websites out there.

The higher your page rank on the search engines, the more likely a visitor will click on your website, the more likely you will influence that visitor, the more likely you make a sale.

This plugin saves you time-a lot of time. It’s not free but it is Priceless!

Access SEOPressor Plugin By Clicking Here On This Link Now==> SEOPressor Plugin

Google XML Site Map Plugin

This free plugin will help Google, Bing and Yahoo to better index your blog. Meaning the “crawlers” have an easier time finding your blog.

Access from Add New Plugin from

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

The worst is opening up your admin page on your wordpress blog and discovering that you have hundreds of comments from spammers.

You know they are a spammer because a). there’s no photo of the commentor, just a generic gravatar and b). when you hover over their address you notice it’s a location that has nothing to do with your niche or maybe just a capture page.

This plugin asks each comment author to indicate if they are a spammer by checking a box.

Access from Add New Plugin from It’s a Free plugin but Priceless!


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