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My new friends Mike and Carl just sent this out and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Below is useful information about the distribution of the U.S. population within each time zone.

Using this information will allow you to plan your webinars, trainings, and email campaigns to have the greatest reach of your followers when they’re awake, alert and able to listen in or read your content.

I was in awe when I looked at this data. I knew that the east coast is heavily populated but had no idea that the Pacific region only has 14% of the US population. I thought it was more. Very interesting!

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Business Card

Who Still Needs A Business Card?

I’m the type of person that wishes everyone wore a name tag all the time.

Unless I really know you or have been introduced to you several times, I just don’t remember people’s names.

If I’m at an event, mingling and meeting new interesting people, the worst is when the other person says, Continue reading

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