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Who Do You Know?

Who Do You Know?

Are you looking for your next Business Builder to recruit to your MLM team?

But you’re nervous about asking those closest to you to look at your business presentation video?  Do you freeze when a potential prospect is standing right in front of you?

This is such a common feeling when you first start a MLM home business.  But don’t let your nerves paralyze you.  Make a shift from a direct recruiting approach to an indirect approach.

Instead, view people in your warm market (friends and family) as doorways to your next business builder and ask “Who Do You Know?”

You probably already use your friends and family as resources to help you find the best this or that.   We ask for recommendations for a good hair dresser, a good contractor, a good Thai restaurant or even a name of a good babysitter.  We ask all the time, “Who Do You Know?”

By asking “Who Do You Know?”, not only will it free you up but will also seem less imposing to the person you are asking.

Another great indirect recruiting approach is asking “Can you watch a short video so you get an idea about my business and who I’m looking for?”  Again you’re taking the pressure off both of you.

With this recruiting approach two results may happen.  One, your friend says that they know someone and connects the two of you OR your friend says, “What’s this all about.  Can I take a look?”  With either result, you proceed with the exposure, follow-up sequence.

Curious, Have you used this approach?  Share your experience below in comments. 


Dallas Piana

Dallas Piana

Dallas Piana

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