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What Your Replicated Company Website Are For

Most likely you have a replicated company static website (no blog) with your photo and contact information displayed on it. But rarely are these websites effective to building a MLM or Direct Sales team.

With the hundreds and thousands of company representatives, all with replicated websites, the odds of someone joining your team from your site that they found on the Internet are miniscule.

These replicated company websites are good for providing information on the company’s history, product information and maybe a description of the compensation plan.

Yes, you need this website, but it should be used if someone is interested and wants to buy the products wholesale or when you have a prospect who wants to become a representative of the company.

And if either of the above is true, you should together over the phone or in person walk them through the website.  If you just send someone to your replicated company’s website and it’s too complicated for them to navigate, your potential customer or prospect will click, and be gone forever.

But just because you have a replicated company website means nothing on the Internet. To build a team, you have to be engaging and show that you are someone with valuable information to offer other people who are looking at MLM or are in MLM and struggling of where the next rep will come from.

Remember people join people, not businesses. Therefore you need your own website with a blog so that you can showcase you. Use your website to brand yourself as a leader, an educator, a trainer. Provide other people in the MLM industry with useful information that will improve their businesses.

By providing consistent good valuable information you will begin to get a following of people who are interested in what you have to offer and some will even join your team because of who you are.


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