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Multiple Exposures

Multiple Exposures


Very few people will make a decision to join a Network Marketing company with one exposure.  It rarely happens.

So What Are Exposures?

An Exposure in Network Marketing is the process of presenting your business opportunity to your prospect and the tools you use to present the business to them.

Tools:  Exposure Tools are what you put in front of your prospect either to watch, listen to, read or participate in that will help your prospect make a decision whether to join you in business or not.

Our job as consultants (distributors/reps) is to have a variety of tools, created or…presented by someone else, to use to expose our prospect to our business opportunity.  Exposure tools are Business Videos, CDs, DVDs, Audio Tapes, Live Call Numbers, Replay Call Numbers, Live Events, 3-Way Conference Calls and Documents. Identify what Exposure tools you’ll use and have them readily available to access as you move your prospect through this process.

Process:  Our goal is to move the prospect through the Exposure period as quickly as possible.  You do not want your prospect flapping in the breeze waiting weeks or more to follow up.  It will be torture for both you and your prospect.  Why? You will find that the longer you wait with a follow-up, the more likely you will have to start from the beginning with them. UGH!!!!

So the Exposure period starts from the moment you share your business opportunity with someone to closure. Closure can be: Yes, I can do this, sign me up or a no.  If the no is a no at this time, ask if you can revisit with them in 6 months.  Then mark your calendar 6 months in the future to call that person and start the exposure process again.  And by all means, if your prospect wants to try the products first before they make a decision, LET THEM and follow-up as you would any customer.

When your prospect wants to find out more about the business opportunity, decide what tool you will expose them to next.  If you are present when you share a tool, follow up immediately afterwards.

Never, ever ask “What do you think?”  This question allows the prospect to have an opinion and could criticize the tool you use.  So instead, ask “What did you like best?”  This line of question leads the prospect to identify something positive about what he/she just experienced.

Most likely you will be sending your prospect an Exposure tool via email.  Ask when can they look at the tool and to set up an immediate phone call to ask “What did you like best about ______?”

So something like this: “Sally, I will send you the link to a short video about the business via your email. When will you be able to watch it?”  Sally says she can watch it tomorrow morning.  You say “Great, can I call you at 10am to get your feedback?”  If Sally agrees on the time, mark your calendar and be sure you call at the time you said.  If Sally says 10 am doesn’t work for her, you suggest another time that day that is agreeable to both of you.  And you follow up at that exact time.

If your prospect is not ready to decide either with a Yes or a No ask, “What other information do you need to help you make a decision?”  Then get that information to the prospect and repeat the process with a follow up conversation.

You are in charge of managing the process => Exposure => Follow Up => Exposure => Follow Up =>Exposure => Follow Up => Exposure => Follow Up: until a decision is made!!!

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