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My Swivl Review – A+

The Swivl a relatively new product that has become my new best friend.

This device allows you to record videos hands free. No need to find someone to be your camera man.

The Swivl is a small motorized docking station which you mount your iPhone or any video camera, that weighs less than 6 ounces, right on its base.

You wear a nifty tracking device either on your clothing or clipped onto a lanyard hung around your neck. As you move, the iPhone moves horizontally or vertically following your every move.

The newest version has a built in microphone on the tracking devise so your voice is consistently being recorded with little variation.

You either place the Swivl on a hard surface or you can mount it to a tripod.

Swivl is easy to set up right out of the box. Comes with all the necessary batteries and within minutes we were recording video hands free.

Swivl is a great device to use if you are an onstage speaker, teacher, a trainer, video blogger or just want to record a video with just yourself in the screen or everybody in the screen. You can also use the Swivl when you’re on Face time and you want to be hands free. The uses are really unlimited.

In my opinion the Swivl is a very useful tool.


Let me know what you think…once you order the Swivl. And Share this amazing gadget with everyone!

Dallas Piana



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