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This is what was posted on one of the LinkedIn groups recently.

“What I mean is … I’ve been with various home party companies since 2006 and I’m getting really burnt out with the usual .. hitting up friends and family, doing parties where no one shows or few buy, standing at an event for hours and hours every weekend only to come away with few sales or lukewarm contacts. Is there a different way to go about this? I love having a direct sales business … when I can make sales and do business WITHOUT pulling teeth.”

94 people responded to that post…everyone telling her to jump ship and join their company because it had a better comp plan, better products, etc., etc.

It’s not your company that you need to change. It’s your marketing philosophy and strategy that needs to change if you want to be successful in this industry and fast. Or else you will be one of the 97% network or direct sales marketers that makes at the most $100/mo.

People do not want to be sold…they want to buy. And people buy based on an emotional reaction they have towards what is being sold.

In our industry people want help….just as the woman above stated. And in order to help her, you need to position yourself as someone who has valuable information that will help her be successful and profitable in this industry. Position yourself as an expert, an authority in marketing strategies to use on the Internet. She will gladly thank you because you just solved her problem.

The only way to become that expert in internet marketing and implement what you’ve learn, is by educating yourself from the top industry leaders and duplicate them. These leaders have already figured it out and have grown their businesses to 6 to 7 figures annually. My gurus are Mike Dillard, Brain Fanale and Norbert Orlewicz. Thankfully they have provided exceptional resources to free me from my “warm” market.

One is Mike Dillard’s “Magetic Sponsoring” ebook.  He was the first one that brought the concept of Attraction Marketing to the Home Based Business industry. “Be pursued, instead of pursuing.” Just one of his many statements that finally make sense and he clearly outlines how to be hunted by others.

This is a huge shift from the way our uplines have trained us. This book will awaken you to the “other way” and you will never approach your family, friends or strangers again. Click on the link to order:

The other resource that I use every single day and has changed how I market my business is My Lead System Pro (MLSP) created by Brian Fanale and Norbert Orlewicz.

MLSP is a cutting edge educational platform engineered by the top entrepreneurs in our industry. They have one goal in mind and that is to provide Home Business Owners with every tool, resource, website and ongoing training that you need to have a successful and profitable home based business.

There are step by step instructions on its set up. There are hundreds of back logged webinars from the past 3 years on every internet marketing strategy that you can implement right away.

There are 4 live webinars every week on marketing strategies by the top leaders in our industry. There are campaigns that are simple to set up, so that you start capturing leads immediately. The list of what they provide goes on and on. They offer a test drive for 14 days for $10.

Click the link here to access;

If I hadn’t stumbled on these leaders, I would be exactly where the woman above is…still knocking my head against a wall..searching for a better way. I found it…I hope you will too.