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The Success Secret: LeverageLeverage: The Success Secret

As a verb, leverage means to use something of value to gain a desired result.  Leverage is the key to making what you have or what you have access to, go much further.  Just like a crowbar or a moving dolly,
Leverage allows you to harness the power of a resource so you can accomplish your goal with ease.

In the world of entrepreneurship,  too many of you are trying to do it all by yourself and wonder why others, who have the exact same 24 hours in a day as you do, are passing you by with more leads, more clients & customers or just more sales.

The answer is LEVERAGE.  The successful entrepreneur is using leverage. And you can too!  There are tools and resources to leverage your time, your reach,  your lack of experience, abilities and knowledge all of this and more by using the internet leverage.

We all know that the entrepreneur is wearing several different hats and spinning a lot of plates up in the air at the same time.  You need to access leverage wherever you can to help you produce your desired results faster and with ease.

Leverage what already exists. Leverage the amazing resources, platforms and tools available to anyone online.  You do not need to recreate the wheel!

Here are 7 Ways You Leverage & Create a Very Successful Business:

3rd-party resources3rd Party Resources:

Whether you need to get information out to new staff, employees, business builders, clients or customers, use third party resources never ever possible to train or educate.

This could be a recorded training, recorded webinar, pre-recorded videos or calls of demonstrations or instruction by someone other than yourself that you trust. Just about everything just mentioned you can find online on the internet.  LEVERAGE 3RD PARTY RESOURCES.

webinarsLive Webinars:

Use live webinars to educate, train and demonstrate to any size group of people from your community to around the world.

There are so many webinar services to tap into.  Ones I use are and Zoom.Us.  Both have the ability for people to share their computer screens which is a great way to demonstrate a technique.

Be sure to record the webinar as it occurs and repackage it to use at a different time.  This is called LEVERAGE!


I love masterminds big or small.  Masterminds bring about a synergy of energy and excitement among its committed participants.  There’s nothing better than brainstorming ideas, sharing what works, acknowledging growth of your members, and supporting one another with a common goal.

To leverage your time and reach people across the globe, use webinar services as listed above.  You can also add Skype for Business, but it has a 8 person limit.  Also record them to use at a different time. LEVERAGE.

Masterminds can also be set up less formerly within a private facebook group where ideas are exchanged as well as best practices.  Join a private community group related to your industry or one with common goals.  The support is unwavering.  Questions get answered pretty much on the spot.

It can be very lonely being an entrepreneur trying to build a business on your own.  But within mastermind groups, you find that you are not alone….and there are so many people watching out for you, rooting for you to succeed.  FIND a Mastermind.

CRMCustomer Relationship Manager:

Customer Relationship Managers or a CRM is software that allows you to manage and track all of your interactions you have had or are going to have with your leads, prospects, customers and clients.

 CRM’s tracks a history of your calls made, emails sent, presentations delivered, meetings scheduled.   You can document all of your next steps as you move your prospect closer to the close.  

CRMs have the ability to store all your prospects contact information, preferences, history of conversations had…making it a your personal journal of all your interactions that you can tap into with a click of a button.

This is a PRICELESS LEVERAGE tool.  Everything all in one place.


Autoresponders are software platforms that allows you to send out emails automatically at intervals that you define, to people who you’ve collected their email information from.

This is a very POWERFUL leverage tool.  Imagine, you write one email and with a click of a button you send that email out to everyone on a list of yours.  It doesn’t matter if your list contains 5 people or 5,000 people, the power of automation is extraordinary with an autoresponder tool.

This should be the very first LEVERAGE tool that you set up and start using right away.

 capture pagesCapture Pages:

Also known as Funnels, Lead Magnets, Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages

In a nutshell, a capture page is a single web page with the purpose of acquiring the name and email address of the visitor. This is done by offering something for free which has a high perceived value as exchange for the visitor filling out the form and providing their name and email address at the very least.

You attach your capture page to your autoresponder and now you have an effective method to communicating with a lead at intervals that you decide with the purpose of converting that lead into a buyer.

Think of all the times you yourself have filled out your name and email on a form to get something for free.  Maybe it was to register for a webinar, a free training, to obtain a PDF of valuable information that interests you, or even to join someone’s newsletter.

In exchange for your contact info, you received something of value, while the creator of the capture page receives your contact info that is very important to him or her.  LEVERAGE!


Every entrepreneur needs a blog.  Blogs are the platform to LEVERAGE your brand.  Blogs allow you to claim a piece of the internet real estate and call it your own home.

With consistently posting valuable information to your blog and driving traffic to your blog, you will gain exposure and can be known as a person with authority in your industry or niche.  You can also use your blog to promote your products and services.

How to Link Them ALL Together:

Each one of these leveraging resources and tools is Extraordinary ….but they all need to be connected to be effective..  To figure out how to link one with the other is extremely time consuming especially if you don’t know the internet marketing language, systems, and consider yourself to be NOT TECHY.

marketing systemIt’s best that you find a marketing system that provides most of these leveraging resources for you or at the very least makes it super easy for you to connect one with the other to create a very well oiled marketing system machine that will work to your advantage.

The one I use has so much leverage build in and easy to follow directions to link one with the other, I don’t know how I survived as long as I did without it. tell you the truth I was barely hanging on!

The system I use is called MLSP.  Besides the blog, CRM, autoresponder, 3rd party resources, capture pages, they provide all the training by top internet marketers who are actively using this system to build their entrepreneurial businesses. Leverage resources and tools are great but if you don’t know how to use them effectively, they’re useless.

Plus MLSP provides an abundance of trainings on techniques and strategies that are working right now to help you grow the business of your dreams online, today!

What I also like about MLSP, they are very selective on what’s being taught.  There are a lot of shining objects out there claiming wonders to building your business and within a few months to a few years those platforms collapse. MLSP has our best interests in mind and only teaches what has proven to produce results over and over again.

Proof is in the leaders that have spread their wings and emerged as leaders in their industry or niche after having used and being taught by MLSP.   Take a 7 minute peek for yourself…..and see the all benefits this system can provide you with as you expand your business in cyberspace!  Click HERE to take a peek.

Let’s Leverage!!


Dallas Piana

Dallas PianaP.S.S. All 6 figure business owners are using a Customer Relationship Manager.  Take an inside look at what it can do for you. =>  Click Here