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Customer Retention & Loyalty

Customer Retention & Loyalty

Treat your MLM customers with red carpet service and you will be rewarded with high customer retention and customer loyalty.

Take care of your customers by providing VIP (very important person) service from the get-go. It doesn’t matter how good your company’s products are …your customer will leave and go elsewhere if they don’t know how to place orders or delay shipments on the website, if they don’t know how to use the product, or if they have any complications occur while using the product.

Your job is to reduce customer frustration and increase engagement and independence from the beginning.  And it starts with the initial contact through the life of your relationship.

1st Customer Contact:

  1. Send a Welcome/Thank You email or even better, a personal note. Include your personal contact information in that note.
  2. Schedule a time to walk your customer through their website. How to modify future purchases, how to delay auto shipments, how to make changes to their account, i.e. Updating credit card information, address change, etc.
  3. Have your customer bookmark this website for easy access.
  4. Have them jot down their Username and Password to access site.

2nd Customer Contact:

  1. Call your customer on the 10th day after purchasing. Why at the 10th day?  It can take up to 5-7 business days to receive the products and then another few days to get into the habit of using the products.  But don’t wait any longer than 12 days to make that first call. All kind of issues could come up that could lead to a bad first experience that could ultimately damage your relationship with your customer.
  2. Ask, “Have you started using the products?’ ‘What has your experience been?”  Review how to use the product(s) effectively to get the benefit of the product.
  3. Show them where the written usage instructions are so they can refer to them as needed. If applicable, show them how to access You Tube videos of product demonstrations.
  4. Remind them what experiences they can have along the way to achieving the results they want.
  5. Answer any questions or concerns they may have. If you don’t know the answers to questions asked, tell your customer that you don’t know the answer but you will find out the answer and get back to them with 24-48 hours.

You MUST find the answers, either from your company’s website FAQ’s, your company’s customer service department (email or by phone) or call someone from your up line. Do not let your customer flap in the breeze with an unanswered question.  This will hurt you.

3rd Customer Contact:

  1. Your next phone contact with your customer is a week or so before their auto shipment. Mark this date in your calendar. This may be the most important call you make. Most likely this is the second time your customer accesses your company’s website so you want to make sure you do it with them and do it right.

Some of your customers are computer savvy and will take the initiative all on their own.  That’s great, that’s what you want- Independence. Show them how to make changes and modify their order correctly, you can also make suggestions to other products they may benefit from at this time!

If you are discipline with this regimen it will yield one less phone call you have to make once you have the customer familiar with the routine of updating their order prior to shipment.

NOTE:  Not everyone reads their email.  And you don’t want your customer to miss the company’s email that reminds them that their order is about to be shipped so modification to order need to be made.  There’s nothing worse than a new customer getting products they have no need for. So make this important phone call.

I have one customer that I continue to call her a week before her shipment because she just doesn’t look at her email.  It’s worth it to me. Because a happy customer is a re-ordering customer!

Continuous Engagement for Customer Loyalty & Retention:

Customer Loyalty & Retention

Customer Loyalty & Retention

  1. Send your customers your personal Newsletter. (Yes, you need one). Keep them in the loop with product specials, product showcases, testimonials and more. Use a Newsletter to inform your customers of awards your company has won, special recognition, scheduled press events that they can access by TV or radio. This kind of communication shows that the company is current and popular.  People want what others have and are buying.
  2. Send yearly Birthday Cards
  3. Send Holiday Cards
  4. Send a Free Gift Card as an appreciation.
  5. Send a Customer Appreciation Card
  6. Check-in with your customer with a call or text at least 2 times a year.

When you treat your customers with red carpet service, they will stay loyal to the products and to you.

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