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Authority BloggingNetwork Marketing Authority with Blogging: 5 Steps To Take Today

If your goal is to become a top earner in your network marketing company, it’s to your advantage to make the transition and start building your business online teaching others, solving people’s problems through blogging and becoming an Authority in the industry.
Below I have outlined the 5 steps you need to take TODAY to become an Authority.

  1. Create A Vision for Yourself:

Vision is the ability to see or image, to conceive. Create a vision of who you want to BECOME. Not what you want to have, but who you want to BE.

This is very powerful exercise……don’t skip this very important first step. A vision of becoming is different than your “WHY” that most sponsors have you write out when you begin your Network Marketing journey. It’s not what you want to have…like the stuff. Get your eyes off the money and the stuff because your “why” won’t sustain you through the bumps in the road. You’ll start to chisel away at your why with each bump…till your why is gone. And then you’ll quit.

Instead, who you want to become can sustain you every day even on the bumpy days. Being and becoming are internal declarations…they require no money or extra time and can’t be chiseled away so easily. So right NOW step into who you want to become, image yourself that person, and see yourself as that person…BE that person and lets Grow.

2. Submerge Yourself in Continuous Learning:

If you want to crush it in this industry, you have to be ahead of the pack. You have to become a person of authority in the industry. A person with authority is someone who is providing value to others. Someone who finds out where people are struggling and provides solutions to their problems.

Commit at least an hour a day to learning about your area through books, articles, blogs, courses, seminars, webinars, podcasts, Periscopes. Invest in yourself and your craft. This will pay off big time. Stay current and relevant in your field or else you will be left behind in this fast moving environment. One number one site where I study from is MLSP.

At the most, follow 2 bloggers in the network marketing industry who have mastered marketing online with a blog. Any more than that and you will be overwhelmed and distracted with too much content and will flounder.

Ideally invest in a coach. A coach will be someone who is objective and keep you on tract when you get distracted. A coach will assist you in taking the necessary actions needed to fulfill your vision of who you want to become. I believe your coach should be someone outside of your network marketing company.

3. Create Valuable Content. Start a Blog:

To become a network marketing authority, create content that leads with value. The fastest way to be known as someone who provides valuable information is to TEACH. Teach what you have learned today. Teach what you have learned from a book. Teach what you have learned from a seminar, a course. Teach what you know. Teach what you have learned through your mistakes. By teaching you are providing solutions to other people’s problems. People will begin to follow you because you have information they want. Share the information you have learned.

The best platform to share your content is on a BLOG. Your blog is your hub, your house, your real estate. You own it. No one can take it away from you like other social media platforms. So start a blog immediately.

Not only is blogging the best way to leverage your time but it has become the most effective platform to share your content with people beyond your warm market. Consistently teach something new to others. Solve other people’s problems in the industry by providing solutions in the form of tips, steps, lists, recipes for success, how to’s, case studies, client success stories, resources, demonstrations. I think you get the idea!

4. Build and Serve Your Followers:                       Serving Others

The more consistent you are with sharing valuable content, the more people will get to know you. The more they know you, the more likely they will follow you and look forward to your content. The more people follow you, the more likely they will like, comment and share your content with people they know. And before you know it you have a substantial following of people who look up to you, a person with authority, an expert, a teacher. Someone who helps to solves their problems when they get stuck in their business.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are social media channels where you gather people and direct them to your blog (your house) and build a following of learners. Use these channels as conduits that fed your blog.

Once people are on your blog, capture their email addresses by providing something of value for free. A free eBook, pdf, podcast, webinar. Attach an auto responder to help capture their emails through your free offer.

Once you have names and emails, continue to serve them with valuable content. Help your followers grow and expand and become who they want to BECOME. When you help others in this manner they will return for more information. Your job is to keep providing the valuable information that they want and need.

5. Monetize Your Blog and Build Your Team:

Throughout the pages of your blog and emails to your list of followers, create Calls to Action that will lead your followers to purchase something you offer at a greater value to them.

Something of value that they are willing to pay money for. Promote either your own informational content or someone else’s content of which you are an affiliate of, until you can create your own. People pay for information that will help them solve their problems in their business.

People who follow you through your blog are more apt to want to work with you. They see you as an authority figure and a leader. You are becoming someone who stands out in the Network Marketing industry. People will naturally want to work with you and join your team.


Recap: The 5 Steps to Become a Network Marketing Authority with Blogging are:

Create a Vision, Submerge Yourself in Learning, Create Valuable Content, Start a Blog, Build and Serve Your Followers, Monetize Your Blog & Build Your Team

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Dallas Piana

Dallas Piana


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