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I get it…You have hit a wall….You have gone through your warm market and then some and now what?  Are you making less than $400/month?

95% of the 15 million network marketers make less than $400/month.  Just look at your company’s financial disclaimer.

Did you join a network marketing company to make a mere $400/month?  No WAY!  You joined because you had a dream and you saw the possibilities of your dreams coming true with a MLM/Network Marketing business.  You were willing to work hard only to find out that after just a couple of months, you are up against a brick wall. Your prospects have dried up. It’s like you are on a hamster wheel…running in place, not getting anywhere.  You probably thought about quitting.  Right?

It’s not the business opportunity that’s not fulfilling that dream. It’s the outdated, traditional network marketing methodology you have been taught to implement from your also frustrated up-line.

If you want to take your Network Marketing business to the next level of success and break free from where you are stuck, you have to get online and start providing valuable information, solutions to frustrated Network Marketers problems…….and become a Network Marketing Online Success, a LEADER!

That does not mean joining a Facebook Group of other Network Marketers and post your company information in the feed.  Have you looked at those feeds? They are filled with thousands and thousands of frustrated network markers desperate for someone to join them in their MLM.

Have you notice that there’s not one comment or one like on those posts?  Why is that?  Because members are pushing their company on others who have no need for another company to join.  And by doing so…there is absolutely no value in that strategy.

Maybe you’re someone who posts product before and after photos on your Facebook profile page….or the business opportunity video, hoping that someone will look at it and call you because they want to join.  I bet you’re having little to no results. I know because I did that for 3 years and it’s a waste of time.  There’s absolutely no return on your time with that strategy. This is not Facebook Marketing!

The strategy I am going to share with you that will have you break free from where you are at in your business and become the Network Marketer expert  and leader who you always wanted to be. It will require a complete shift in your marketing strategy.

Instead of spamming others, you will attract others to you.  Instead of hunting for people to show your business presentation to, people will ask what business you’re in and want to join you.  Instead of running on a hamster wheel going nowhere, you’ll be forging ahead.

The Strategy:  Become an Expert Teaching Other Frustrated Network Marketers How to Market Effectively Online and Become a Success

But how do you do that if you’re not an expert yourself?

You start by following other experts on the internet.  You learn everything you can from them on marketing.  Then you teach what you’ve learned.  By teaching to others you become more valuable to the thousands of struggling MLMers who want this business to work for them. You will provide specific solutions to their problems. You will provide Value, Value and more Value.  You will provide answers to their questions.  You show them how to shift from being the hunter to being the hunted.  You show them how to shift from the struggling MLMers pack to becoming a leader in the industry.

From Network Marketing  Novice to a Successful Expert Network Marketing Leader:  Here’s the transition you need to make right away.

  1. Identify Your New Audience/Prospect: Hint: It’s no longer your friends and family. It’s the frustrated MLM business owners who have hit a wall with recruiting. These are the people who have made the jump to marketing on the internet but are spamming and pitching others by posting their opportunity, products or services on social media.  They are desperate.
  1. Spam

    Stop Spamming

    Stop Spamming. Immediately, stop promoting your business opportunity, products and services online. Yes, you heard me….. STOP!!!  You have to stop spamming and pitching on social media. It does not work. That means you should remove any references you have made on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn to your company, products and services on your profile pages. You are now transitioning to a Network Marketing Mentor, Leader, Expert and Advisor…so state it. Don’t worry, your MLM company will become a secondary business, you will promote it…but differently.

  1. Start BLOGGING and pick one marketing channels below to drive visitors to your blog and MASTER IT!! Become an expert in that strategy.
  • Facebook Marketing,
  • Instagram Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Blogging/Writing
  • Periscope
  • Pinterest
  • Solo Ads
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Video Marketing
  1. Novice to Expert Learning:  So where or who do you learn from?

When I started, I knew nothing, zilch….I did not know who to follow or who to trust. I had no idea who the Network Marketing leaders were, who were crushing it online.

Fortunately I stumbled across an amazing internet marketing educational platform for any Home Based Business owner….specifically Network Marketers & MLMers.

I started to listen to their live and replay webinars from top Network Marketers who use the internet…not to spam or pitch their companies….but to teach.  Never ever do you hear a pitch for a Network Marketing company on these webinars.  It’s not the place for it.

I became a Mastery Member right away and started my internet marketing education. I have access to top MLM internet marketers every day.  I have access to thousands of hours of live training video and replays.  I have access to their marketing system that generates leads for my daily.  It’s called My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and you can check it out here.  Click Here for Intro to MLSP

Daily I listen to some training from MLSP that is congruent with my mission and I follow 2 top experts in the field that are using a blog to teach others.  Any more than 2 experts and you will be overwhelm with information and not in action.

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Dallas Piana

Dallas Piana

Dallas Piana


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