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quest-small RFIWhat does Network Marketing Success look like to you?    For most of us we define it as having more time and financial freedom. Time freedom to do what we want and financial freedom to buy all the stuff we think we need to be happy and successful.  But really?  Is more time or money really going to define you as a success in life?  Or is there something more that will shape your success?

Here’s my story.  Maybe you can relate.

I left an administrative healthcare job after 25+ years in New York City to be with my now husband in Portland, Oregon.  After buying a home together and settling into the stay at home mom routine, I wanted more.  I wanted to contribute financially to our family desires.  I wanted to express myself more creatively through some kind of business. Network marketing seem to be the perfect business model.  Work part time when I wanted, build a team of remarkable women, make commissions from sales volume,   and be available for my family and their needs.  Sounds good, right?

My sponsor had me write down and share with her “my why” for being in this business.  What did I want to achieve financially? What did I want to have that I don’t have now?

And like most of us, I wrote down all the stuff that I wanted that would make our lives more comfortable.

-Enough money to travel

-Enough money to update our house, pay off our mortgage

-A new car

-A summer house on a lake

-Enough money to pay for our daughter’s college education in cash

-Enough money so my husband could retire early

And those are just the big ticket items, but I assure you my list of stuff went on and on………..

I even had a vision board of all that stuff displayed on so I could look at my stuff daily. You might also have a vision board with all of your heart desires displayed…but I’m hear to tell you, your WHY is not enough.

Network Marketing Success = Be-Do-Have



What I learned is that what I wanted to HAVE that I didn’t have now did not sustain me in the DOING of my business when I hit the bumpy road of life and business.  And there will be bumps along the way. Some bigger than others. And some huge that need all of your attention.

All of a sudden, those external things, the stuff and money that were so important to me, became less important …”I don’t really need that new car”.  “Another year without a lake house, oh well…”.  “Oh, it’s not so bad  that my husband can’t retire from a career he’s so tired with”.

I found myself, and you will too, chiselling away at those external goals…because the bumpy road just got too hard.   Or you will wonder what’s wrong, either blaming yourself or another for not reaching your goals.

My business productivity decrease significantly due to an illness I needed to handle.  I felt defeated because I wasn’t reaching my external goals.  And boy did I use the blame card.

Then I remembered the Be-Do-Have paradigm.  It was an ah-ha moment for me….I saw that I had completely omitted the BE part of the Be- Do- Have paradigm when I created “My Why” and was going about “My Why” backwards.

When I answered the question “Who Do I Want To BE?” or “Who Do I Want To BECOME?”  and “What Value Can I Offer To Others?” my mind shifted immediately, as did my daily actions (the DO) and as well as my business results (the HAVE).  I no longer concentrated on the stuff, matter of fact I took my vision board down and now envision Who do I Want To BE today!  There’s a lot more freedom starting from the Be of the Be-Do-Have principle.

We only have control of ourselves and who we are being……We can’t control what happens around us or to us.  We can only control how we are being. A true desire is not to have, but to be. When you start from a place of being…even if you aren’t there yet….and you believe yourself to be that…the doing will be so much more productive and pleasurable.  The more productive and pleasurable the doing is, the more you are in action, the more in action, the more results show up.

Who Do You Want to Be?

So how do you get there …..Start with your desire and who you want to be.  See, feel, hear, touch, feel, taste, smell every detail of your desire of who you want to become every day.  Believe you can become who you want to become.

Then intentionality – create the actions (the Do) that you need to take for you to become who you want to be. Ask yourself every morning, who do I need to be?  What will my day look like? How can I make an impact on others? What actions do I need to take today to be who I want to be?  How can I be of service to another?  And GIVE!

It’s the consistent belief in yourself and the actions you take every day that will start to move you in the direction you want to go.  This is a process. It’s an unfoldment of who you are. It will not happen overnight. But soon you will notice that people want what you have.  People will want to join you in business and/or use the products you distribute.  It’s amazing what a slight shift in our mind, can produce such rewarding results. And that’s what Network Marketing success is for me.

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