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Periscope: What Is It? How Can You Use It to Grow Your Business

Periscope allows you to stream video live to your audience (followers) and offers your followers the opportunity to comment and/or ask questions as you broadcast in the moment. And you can respond in the moment!

You Tube can’t do this!

Absolutely, no tech skills are required just a mobile device.  It’s so easy to set up and use.  This is a great tool to provide value, trainings, demos, share events, live Q&As, meetings: really anything.

For marketing purposes, you can build your brand as an expert by offering right here, right now live stream videos.  What better way to build a relationship with your audience either locally or across the globe!

The broadcast is live for 24 hours: but there are ways to save the broadcast and drop it into your other social media platforms which I’ll get to further down.

Currently Periscope is 5 months young and only 1% of registrants (13 Million) are using Periscope (Scoping).  So this is a great time to get on and be an early adoptor of this marketing strategy; generating leads, increasing your sales and growing your business.

How to Get Started with Periscope:

Download the Periscope app from any mobile device.

Connect to your Twitter account: you must have a Twitter account to Periscope.

Create a Periscope Username

Fill out the Bio Space – Answer the questions “Why should people follow you?” “Who do you serve?” “Who is your audience?” Use keywords in your Bio.  People will search for people to follow by keywords.

Use some emoji’s in Bio…so it POPS!

Upload a professional image either of yourself or your own private company logo.

If you’re in network marketing, I advise that you don’t upload your company’s logo.  Brand YOU!  Brand YOU as an expert in teaching others about network marketing. Use Attraction Marketing strategies.

In Settings, click the AUTOSAVE button:  This will automatically save your video streams to your camera roll.

Let people know you’re on Periscope through social media.  Ask them to download the Periscope app and follow you.


How to Follow Others on Periscope:

Tap on the search button.  Find people to follow by name and add them to your followers list

Find people by using the Hashtag # followed by a word. Ex: #leads, #socialmedia, #prospecting, #whatever…

There’s a cool map display that tells you how many people are currently broadcasting from a particular region. You can tap on the number and up will come all the broadcasts that are live.

Engage with others during their live scopes. Say hi and comment.

Send the Scoper hearts by tapping on your mobile device screen.



How to Broadcast:

Pick a time to broadcast

Let others know the time of broadcast through other social media platforms.

Decide what you will share, something of value for your audience.

When it’s time to broadcast tap on the camera icon at bottom of screen.  Enable the camera and microphone once. You also have an option to share your exact location with others on not.  When the Compass icon is ON, your precise location will be shared with the public.

You can choose to mark the broadcast as Private, which is a great way to get the hang of how it all works using the app before scoping publicly.

You’re prompted to title your broadcast.  Chose something captivating, brief but descriptive, something Awesome! Use hashtags in your title because these become searchable on Twitter.

Once you’re ready, click on Start Broadcast.  You can also send out a tweet when you start broadcasting by tapping the Tweet button.

Engage with your audience.  Read off the names of people who are on live with you.

Ask people to tap on their screen: this produces “hearts”. Hearts show how much love is given during a broadcast.  Periscope highlights those scopers that receive the most love in a list which you have access to under People.

Ask them to share on twitter with their network.


Using the Twitter Icon to Tweet your Periscope Broadcast:

Before starting a public broadcast, tap the Twitter Icon to Tweet your broadcast. Your Tweet will contain a URL to your broadcast on Periscope’s website, where anyone can watch the broadcast while it is live.


Viewing & Embedding Your Live Stream Videos Elsewhere Using is a very cool free service that captures your live video streams from Twitter and stores them as replays in the cloud indefinitely so you can access and share on other social media sites. It also captures all the comments that you might have missed during your broadcast, so you can go back and read and respond to each one.


How to Activate in Periscope:

Set up an account with  Link it with your Twitter account

Add the #katch hashtag to your title in Periscope…at the end of your title

Tap the Twitter Icon so can see your live stream and record it

After broadcast @KatchHQ will send a link to your Twitter fed, where you can click the link and see the replay but even better go back to your account, click on the video and you can scroll through all the comments made while you were broadcasting.

If you click on the person’s icon in the comments it will bring you to their Twitter account.  Message them, thanking them for being on your Periscope.  Ask if there’s anything you can help them with.  Oh, this is so so good for creating relationships!


To Embed Videos in Other Social Media Platforms:

Go to your account

Click Settings =>My Videos

Click on the video you want to share.  Choices are:  Edit, Download or Embed

Choose Embed=> Copy link or code and place within your social platform where you want others to see it.


And there you have it: Lets Start Scoping!

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Dallas Piana


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