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Make That Call!

Make That Call!

Sooner or later, we all have to pick up the phone to complete a sale. Facebook can expose your audience to your product or service: but it’s not until you get your prospect on the phone can the sale actually happen.
It may seem like the phone weighs about 500 pounds, but for me, my procrastination feels heavier. Some people schedule their phone calls in “Hours of Operation” into their day, others scatter their phone calls throughout the folds of the day. Whatever works for you…just know you have to pick up the phone and CALL a prospective customer.  And the more you do it, the easier it becomes.


10 Phone Tips To Master That Will Make a Difference:

1. Be Prepared. Nothing worse than having a prospect on the phone and they are ready to place an order and you do not have the paperwork within reach or your calendar is in another room.

So before I place a call…I’m ready. I’m intentional. My calendar is by my side, as well as paperwork needed and a pen. I always, always complete the paperwork myself with a new customer. It should be quick, asking them the necessary questions to complete the sale. Once off the phone I enter their data on my computer immediately. Your intention should be to get that product or service to them ASAP so they can start experiencing the benefits for themselves.

Too many people get frustrated with entering data on their computer. You don’t want anything to get in the way of completing a sale. Do it for them. Later you can walk them through their website where they can make changes as needed for their future purchases.

Now if someone is joining me in my business, I walk them through the enrollment process online. This is the beginning of their business ownership.

2. Be Intentional . Get to the point of why you’re calling. People are busy. Fewer and fewer people have time for chit chat.

3. Talk Benefits. When marketing a product or service, talk 98% about the benefits, and very little about the features. Benefits equates to RESULTS and OUTCOMES. What will THEY get from the product or service? How will it improve THEIR life? What can THEY expect? What solution does the product or service offer THEM? What’s the change or transformation that will occur for THEM?

By talking about the benefits, the prospects emotions will start to stir. People buy based on their emotions either to attain pleasure or avoid pain. Spring people into action by talking about the BENEFITS.

Features on the other hand are more logical, technical, factual, too advanced and usually boring. You will lose your prospects interest pretty quickly if your focus are the features. Here’s an example: If I want a cup of coffee, do I buy the coffee based on the benefits: hot, caffeinated and tasty or do I buy a cup of coffee based on its features: what type of cup it’s poured into or where the cup is manufactured. See the difference?

4. Listen! Yes, you start the conversation…but let the person on the other side of the line TALK. Ask questions to get them to talk. People love to talk about their own experiences related to what you have to offer.

5. Call A Lot. I’m sure that you have heard this: More No’s will equate to a YES. It’s based on the Law of Averages (a layman’s term) which I first heard from Jim Rohn. If you make zero calls, your result is zero. If you make 10 calls and have a sale…you’re at 10% effectiveness. 20 calls and you make 2 sales, now at 20% effectiveness. Or maybe you make 20 calls and have 3 sales. Your effectiveness just got better. The bottom line is the more people you talk to, the better you become and the more sales you will make.

6. Smile when making a call..and lighten up. Smiling will make all the difference in the world in your conversation. Use one of those small standing mirrors and place it so you can see yourself while on the phone and SMILE!

7. Follow Up IS Key. A NO means not NOW…so move on. NEXT. But keep the NOs in some sort of file that you can revisit and talk to at a later time.
Here’s a great story: I was on Facebook with a dozen others waiting for a call to start and one of the gals asked the question, “How long did it take for us to enroll into our network marketing business?” I was very surprised, actually stunned that 90% of them said it took a year before they said yes! Holy Moly…that’s confirmation that a NO means not NOW! Also many of my customers waited months before trying the products I had to offer. A very few percentage of people want to be the first to anything.

8. Leave a Voice Mail.  Never, ever leave a voicemail about your product or service on voice mail. Leave your name and a phone number where you can be reached…and ask them to return your call. If you do not hear back from them in 2 days tops, call them again, leave another message if there’s no answer. By the third no answer, my message is generally that I will wait for their callback. Anymore messages that I leave would be considered harassment or spam so let it go and move on. They have your number!

9. Keep All Phone Appointments. Again leave a message indicating you had a set appointment time and I acknowledge that something must have come up. I also say to call me back to reschedule or if the caller reaches my voicemail, to leave a couple of good times that work for them to talk. I either return the call or text them the next scheduled appointment that works for both of us.

10. Control Your Mind. Who’s in charge? You or the chatter in your head? Don’t let the chatter in your head like “she’s having dinner now” or “she’s putting the baby to bed now” or “its Sunday and their probably at church”. Just get going and make the calls…it will get easier with each one you make. And with each one you make you are closer to a sale!

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