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Basic Must Have Plugins

Plugins…….So in a previous post, I described that plugins are the appliances that you place in your house (website/blog) that enhances the functionality of your website/blog (home) so the website purpose is met.

Most websites or blogs are built for the purpose of providing valuable information to others, to promote or sell a service or product, to create a community of like-minded people and to capture email addresses to use at a later time.

Without plugins your blog would be unprotected from spammers and a hollow site which readers could visit, if they could even find your site, but weren’t allowed to share the information with anyone. This is so contrary to the goals of Internet Marketing.

When you are building your website/Blog, you want plugins that will keep the spammers to a minimum, help you to network, allow you to engage with your audience, improve your search engine optimization so you’re more likely to get visitors to your site, provide you with behind the scene blog data, and keep frustrations of managing a blog low.

There are free plugins and others you buy from the creator. There’s a wide selection of plugins to choose from in every category. For instance, in the Contact Form category there may be 6-12 to choose from. Read the plugin description before installing to ensure you are getting the function you want.

There are hundreds and hundreds of plugins. If you want a specific function on your blog, I’m sure someone has created it.

Here are my must have plugins.

Basic Must Have Plugins:

Askimet- Reduces the amount of spam comments you receive.

GrowMap Anti Spam – Adds a check off box requesting the visitor who leaves a comment to indicates that they are not a spammer.

Contact Form 7 – Allows you to put a contact form on your website.

Facebook Comment – Allows visitors to comment using a Facebook interface so any comments that the visitor leaves will also show up on their Facebook timeline as well. This brings more exposure to you.

Google Analytics for WordPress – Set this up through your Google account. Google analytics provides hard data about your website. For instance, number of visitors, where the traffic (visitor) is coming from; what page did they look at on your site, how long did they stay on your site, etc. There is so much data that you can assess of the effectiveness of your blog. This is Priceless. It may be a bit overwhelming at first but just start to look at the data little by little and you start to notice trends.

Google XML Settings – Helps search engines to index your blog.

SEOPressor – This plugin is priceless and yes, costs money but worth every penny. This plugin provides you with a percentage score for search engine optimization (SEO). As you correct what’s missing in your blog, your score will change and improve.

The idea is to reach a score of 100% for best SEO results. This is a huge time saver and you can use this plugin on multiple websites/blogs for the onetime fee. Access this SEOPressor plugin here:

Sociable- This plugin allows you to choose what social media links you want displayed on your blog posts or pages that allows visitors to share your content with their friends on their social media sites. Again, more exposure for you.

Vibe SEO Pack – This plugin populates information for you to complete about your blog that will be displayed on the search engine page. This information is also displayed when you attach a blog link to LinkedIn or Facebook. It’s the summary description of your blog post.

WP Widget Cache – Speeds up the time it takes for your posts or pages to load.

WP-DBManager – Schedules backup of your blog if you don’t already have a daily backup in place.

Start with these and you can add more plugins as you go.


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