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Unclutter Your Life & Your Mind

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Unclutter Your  Life & Your Mind

It’s Time to Unclutter Your Life &Your Mind

If you are a Home Based Business Owner, as I am – remember your time is YOUR agenda. You set the pace.  You determine what has to happen and don’t let outside  chatter get in your way. You have an important mission to fullfill. So take contol.

As far as productivity… of the very right away… is you need to unsubcribe to as many email subscriptions as you can. These messages are just cluttering up your inbox and also cluttering up your mind.

UnSubscribe Immediately To Unclutter Your Life

So unsubcribe from as many emails that routinely come into your inbox that u can. Unsubscribe from all retail and mail order stores that you can. Unsubscribe from every “guru” that you are following. Just follow one and when you are “complete” with that mentor, coach..unsubscribe and pick up another. One or two is enough to follow..otherwise you will be spending all your time learning and not implementing.

Also…when in a store …when they ask for your email address…don’t give it. Saves time unsubscribing later. I do the same with my phone number. I just don’t give it out anymore.

Join The Friday 50 Club – Unclutter Your Life

Also join us in the Friday 50 Club…..get your emails down to 50 by Friday. That’s every Friday. You can do it!

Once you have unsubscribed to all the ridiculous emails…that will make a tremendous dent. Then with the rest of your emails either delete, answer, of move to a file folder on your email account.

For instance, I travel a lot so I have a file folder for Travel. Every email I get that has to do with travel I move into that file. When the trip is upon me, I access that file. My husband even goes further and creates a specific file folder per trip.

Regardless you need to move emails out of the constant stream of emails. You will be left very accomplished and complete with nothing pressing to handle. Just try for 30 days…This will make a difference.

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Dallas Piana


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