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Best Video Intros

Best Video Intros

Diving deeper into our 4 part Video Structure, let’s take a closer look at your  Video Intro  (introduction).  What should you include in your introduction that will maximize your brand and grab the attention of your visitor fast?

Your objective is to have an introduction that is clear, concise and informational that you say with every video you make and publish.

There are 4 components to your Intro.  The first two are absolutely mandatory if you want to get your name out there in cyberspace and brand yourself.

  1. State Your Name
  2. State Your Website/Blog
  3. State Your Tagline
  4. State Where You Live

Watch my video.  I elaborate on each Video Intro Component.

Too many people forget to introduce themselves in the beginning of their video. This is a missed opportunity to get your name out there.  Always, always, alway start your video intro with your name and an address of where people can find you online.  This is an opportunity to brand yourself, so use it with every video you create.

Your tagline is super important when you are just starting to brand yourself with video online.

Your tagline describes what services you provide in a short clear and concise sentence.  This immediately lets your visitor know if they have landed in the right spot.  The visitor asks ” Will this person be able to help me with what I’m looking for?”  and grabs their attention right away.

I personally like to add where I work from by providing visitors with my city and state.  I feel it anchors me in the minds of my visitor.

The more videos you create the better and more natural your introduction will become.

You want your video intro to be tight….meaning not taking up too much time because the bulk of your video should be in providing the content and your call to action.  I’ll share more on Content and a Call to Action in a future video.

Watch my video and then create your own video introduction.  Write it out, tweak it so that its clear and concise.  Than practice, practice and more practice without the camera.  Practice your introduction in the car.  Practice in the shower. Practice while you’re walking the dog.

Then practice your intro with your camera’s video setting on.  You can delete the ones you don’t like.  But it’s great to see yourself on film.  This will help you tweak your intro even further. Do it again and again and again, until you are happy with your video introduction!

Watch my video…then go to work…and Let’s Grow!

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Dallas Piana

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