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Article Marketing

Article marketing is a form of marketing used to promote products, brands and services by syndicating your blog content through online article directories.  Article directories are sites that have an extensive collection of articles written on just about every subject and receive a ton of visitors. 

With so many visitors, article directories are considered to be “authority” sites by search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.). When your content is linked to an article directory, search engines ranks your content a higher value – which can lead to a higher page rank. The higher the page rank on a search engine, the more likely someone will click on your article and your website.

The more visitors (traffic) that come to your website, the more likely your website goals will be reached in a shorter amount of time over organic search results that could take years and years.

Whether your goal is to increase readership, increase sales, generate leads, gain authority in your niche, increase customers or build a list to market to at a later time, using Article Marketing is an effective online marketing strategy to get traffic to your website. Remember all marketing is a numbers game!

There are hundreds of article directories to choose from and each directory has article submission guidelines, i.e., length of the article. Some directories will review your article first before it’s published which could take anywhere from a few days to up to a week. The more articles you publish the less time the review process becomes.

Besides posting great content on the Internet, you have the opportunity to showcase yourself. Each directory allows you to add links to your blog/website or social media sites. If someone liked what you wrote, chances are they’ll want to know more about you and can easily find you through that link beneath your article.


  1. Write a great blog post on your topic. Search engines love fresh current content. Your content should be informational or educational. Provide recipes for success. Address the main challenges that your audience is experiencing.

2.   If you content is over the length of the article guidelines, break it up into two articles. Part One and Part Two.

3.   You can submit your articles manually or you can automate the process with services that submit your article to hundreds of directories at once. There is a fee with automation.


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