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Attraction Marketing

Attract Others To You

Attraction Marketing

The Attraction Marketing concept was brought on the scene by a guy named Mike Dillard. For years and years Mike struggled to make a living in the MLM industry.

He was doing what most people do in the business, harassing his friends and family, pitching to every stranger that came in his tracks to join his opportunity. Mike got nowhere and spent a lot of money going nowhere–until he discovered that there was a completely different and very effective marketing model that when implemented completely, people magnetically joined his business. Hmm…..

Mike was so effective with this new mindset and tools that he went on to become one of the top earners in his primary company quickly.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is the ability of a person to attract to them what they desire. In the MLM business, it’s attracting people who will join your business opportunity without having to chase, hunt or pursue them.

You might be thinking – is this for real?

Yes, this is for real!

By the powerful laws of attraction, you draw into you whatever you are predominately thinking about. So if you come from a place of abundance, wealth and are someone of value – your experiences will reflect those thoughts. And if you come from a place of desperation, not having and low self-worth, your experiences will reflect those thoughts.

It’s the same principles as a magnet. A magnet attracts objects to it of like properties. The same principle applies to people. People are attracted to someone who has attributes and knowledge that they want.

In the MLM business, prospects are attracted to people who are leaders and teachers. People who provide useful information because the prospect wants to be a successful.

Free Videos on Attraction Marketing

If you are new to the concept of Attraction Marketing or maybe you’ve heard of it but still don’t understand how it can help you, I highly recommend that you watch Mike’s free videos.

Mike explains the process of moving from where you are today, chasing others, to where you want to be, a top producer in your business, making residual income month after month, year after year.

When I saw these videos, I got it. I had an “ah-ha” moment.  I knew exactly who I needed to be and what I needed to do to grow my own business.

I no longer struggled with finding leads and talking to people. My business became a joy, a delight, something I couldn’t wait to get to first thing in the morning.

Becoming the Hunted, Instead of the Hunter

Three basic principles of Attraction Marketing:

  1. Ask questions and listen to what your prospects problems are. Where are they struggling? What do they want to improve in their lives? What would make this a happy and successful year for them?

People want the solutions that will make their business and therefore their lives better. It might be more financial freedom and security, it might be more time with their family, and it might be the ability to kiss their job good-bye.

Whatever it is – you want your prospect to see your business opportunity as a means to reach their goals in life.

But here’s the difference between traditional network marketing and Attraction Marketing.

Instead of promoting your business opportunity, begin to build a relationship with your prospect by providing information that’s useful to them, information that will solve their problems.

As your prospect takes action and implements your solution and sees a result, you suddenly become very important in that prospects life.

You have assisted them to take down a barrier, you’ve freed them from where they have been idle for too long and you’ve empowered them to move forward.

Your prospect will thank you and refer to you as someone who is very valuable to them, someone who is an expert, a teacher, a leader, someone they want to in their life. That prospect will be back.


  1. Your prospects are not your friends or your Aunt Helen. They’re not the people at the gym, or the college kid that walks your dog or the waitress at the restaurant. Stop hounding all of them.


Your prospect is someone who is already in the MLM or Direct Sales business. Your prospect is someone who is struggling with the old traditional, out dated techniques that their up line continues to advocate and push.


Your prospect is someone who does not know how to market themselves as someone with valuable information to empower others.

95% of the 15 million network marketers make less than $200/month. Do you think someone joined a MLM company to make a mere $200/month?

No. People joined because they had a dream and they saw the possibilities of their dreams coming true with a MLM business opportunity. They were willing to work hard only to find out that after just a couple of months, they are up against a brick wall.

It’s not the business opportunity that’s not fulfilling that dream, it’s the marketing methodology they are using and the lack of a marketing system that’s not allowing the dream to come true.


  1. You need a continuous flow of prospects that are struggling in the MLM industry and you need to learn what information your prospect needs to solve their problems.

And lucky for us, three students of the Mike Dillard methodology create a generic marketing system that anyone in the MLM or Home Based Business industry can use to attract prospects effortlessly without knowing anything about internet marketing.

This system is 100% user friendly and once set up you can generate prospects immediately.

This platform also provides access to all the education and training you will ever need to learn so that you can start solving other people’s problems now and become an expert and leader in your prospects eyes.

The system is My Lead System Pro

Attraction Marketing – Begin Here

I suggest that you first watch Mike Dillard’s videos on Attraction Marketing. Click Here For FREE Instant Access

Then I suggest you take a test drive of the My Lead System Pro system. It’s about $10 for 14 days.

You’ll have access to the entire site’s training and education programs. There’s step by step video instructions on how to set up and use the system to attract prospects to you using the Attraction Marketing model. Click Here For Access

Finally…you can wake up in the morning and have an inbox of 20+ prospects just waiting for your phone call. I do, that’s why I love this business.


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