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Who Still Needs A Business Card?

I’m the type of person that wishes everyone wore a name tag all the time.

Unless I really know you or have been introduced to you several times, I just don’t remember people’s names.

If I’m at an event, mingling and meeting new interesting people, the worst is when the other person says, “I don’t have a business card but I can text you my info”. And click, in a second, all their contact information has been loaded into my smart phone.

This interaction goes on throughout the event. Very convenient, don’t you think?

Not for me, because I can’t remember names. Who is who?

The next day I go through my 300+ phone contacts in search of names that just might strike a bell of recognition from the event. This process can take me hours. When I find a name, I then must figure out what’s this person’s business or what future resource this person can be for me or to somebody else I know.

No really, it’s like was it Mary or Joan that owns the dog salon?

Even though I have had a smart phone for years, and I consider myself somewhat savvy, I still need that paper card.

As soon as I receive one, I make a quick note on it that will jog my memory in days and months to come as to who that person was.

Take Advantage of Both Front & Back of Business Cards

So, the next time you update your business card, use all the space possible to list all your contact information. Both the front and back of card. Besides the common contact information, list every URL address where you are actively promoting yourself, your services or your business.

Business CardsNowadays, most of us use the internet to perform our due diligence before we make a decision on just about everything. Whether it’s to do business with someone or to buy something or to sign up for a monthly newsletter, we all check each other out!


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