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Customer AvatarA customer avatar in the world of business, is YOUR made up, fantasy perfect customer. It’s a singular individual that you create in detail that represents your ideal customer.  It’s a perfect profile of the customer you want to attract.

Why do you need an Avatar? 

Without defining and knowing who your Avatar is in detail…yes detail… you will flounder in your business, wasting months to years of continuous effort with little results, and bleed through so much money marketing to people who do not want what you have to offer.

Your efforts to attract customers will be scattered and eventually sizzle out.  You will burn out by exhaustion and frustration…and many of you will give up and quit, not realizing your own dreams.

Avatar Generalizations Don’t Work

Using general categorizations to define your idea customer as, “coaches”, “stay-at-home moms”, network marketers” “home business owners”, “small business owners” “college students” “people who want to lose weight” “the jet set”, “women” “anyone with skin”, just won’t cut it.  It’s way too broad.

Avatar Specific Works

You need to drill down deep beyond a general description and describe not only the demographics (dry facts) but the psychographics of your ideal customer. Psychographics would include your customer’s personality, habits, values, interests’, attitudes and lifestyle.

Demographics explain “who” your buyer is, while psychographics explain “why” they buy.

There’s this great saying in the marketing world, “If you try to attract everyone to your business, you will attract no one.”  NO ONE!!!

To help you get crystal clear on your idea customer, define your customer AVATAR in detail, both the demographics and the psychographics of your ideal customer.

Avatar’s Challenge

Next you want to answer questions that deal with your Avatar’s challenge, struggle or desire for a different result than what they currently are experiencing in which you have the solution.  Again in detail.

Where Does Your Avatar Hang Out?

Define in detail where is your Avatar?  Where do they hang out?  Where do they go when they leave the house?  Where do they spend their time networking socially, both locally and online?  What social media platforms are they on?

Customer AvatarTargeted =Better Results

With a defined customer avatar, your entire marketing strategy, which is your message, can be shaped tightly with a targeted approach. How you teach, provide value and offer solutions to your avatar, through your many marketing strategies will be laser focused.

You will know:

  • Who to direct your marketing to
  • What focus your content/message should be
  • What struggles, challenges and objections to address
  • What kind of language to use
  • Where to share/publish your content
  • How long your content should be

When your customer feels you understand him or her, with a message directed at them, you have established a level of trust.  Trust is the key factor to have people buy from you over and over again thus you building a long-term sustainable business.

Test Your Avatar Assumptions:

Take this exercise one step further.  Ask several people that you consider to be your customer avatar, if you could interview them so that you can test your avatar assumptions.

Then tweak your avatar profile based on your conversations.  Follow with writing a short story, a paragraph in length, of who your ideal customer is including both demographic and psychographic data.

Post this story within your view so you can refer to it so much that your avatar becomes your business partner!

This is key information to use as you develop content (information or sales copy) online.  Your message should be written with your ideal customer in mind.  When someone reads your content …they think…geez…this is directly written to me.  Your message/offer will become laser focus, efficient and on target with attracting the ideal customer to you and who ultimately buys from you.

Download my Customer Avatar Worksheet and create your ideal customer.  This is an invaluable exercise.  It will help you with all content you create, whether on one of the many social media platforms, direct mailings, videos, blog posts, ads and promotions, all towards attracting and marketing to your ideal customer Avatar. Speak their language, address their concerns and present your solution.  Do it often with consistency and watch the right people gravitate to you wanting what you have to offer.


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