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Great you found this page!  And you’re interested in working more closely with me in our network marketing company.  Obviously, you want to become your own boss, create your own business and impact the lives of many.  You’ve landed in the right place.

I too wanted to have my own business and impact the lives of many, teaching others how to be successful in this high energy industry.

From the start, it was very important that the network marketing company that I joined and the one YOU join, pulled at my heart strings and I could be 100% committed to its products and services. YOU must make that decision as well.

Besides being completely sold on the products (and I would be a customer even if there wasn’t a business opportunity) there were other characteristics that needed to be in place that were very important to me before I enrolled.  They were:

  • Brand recognition
  • A young company with growth potential – 7 years young and growing at 106% each year.
  • Financial stability – over its launch phase
  • Plans for International Expansion. We just launch Canada and Australia scheduled for Fall 2016
  • Products that have mass appeal
  • High industry growth projection for next 5-10 yrs
  • Everyone wants the product benefits
  • It’s a consumable product. Customers reorder at least every other month for benefits
  • Online access to back end office from computer or mobile devices
  • No Record Keeping
  • No Inventory
  • No Parties

Do those characteristics support your values?

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Our time is precious. If we decide you and I are a good fit as business partners, we will be spending a great time together to get you up and running.  I will require something from you.  Ask yourself, are you:

  • Coachable
  • Hungry for success and will do whatever it takes to become successful
  • Someone who is optimistic
  • Someone who loves people…network marketing is a relationship business. You gotta be out there
  • Someone who wants to help others succeed. Your success is directly related to the success of the team you build.  You are pulling people up with you.  This business is not an independent business model at all.
  • Someone who is dependable and has integrity
  • Someone who doesn’t whine, complain or blame.
  • Someone who is willing to admit they don’t know and is willing to ask for assistance
  • Someone who knows that they are 100% responsible for their life.

I am willing to work with you if you have the above characteristics and a drive to succeed.  I know that at any age you can start a business and be successful when you are coachable. We are in the age of the Entrepreneur.  And if you are inspired by the hustle, willing to learn and grow as your business expands and after watching our company’s video your heart is racing a little bit faster and you want to know more…than let’s get started and grow!

Click on the “Apply to Learn More” link.  I have a few questions I need answering from you before we move on.

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